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Welcome to the online bill payment system for El Paso Water Utilities, hosted by BillMatrix.

You may pay your bill with an electronic check, ATM Debit card that displays the PULSE, STAR, NYCE, or ACCEL logo, or Discover, MasterCard, or Visa credit card or check card.

If you have received a DISCONNECT NOTICE or need services restored, you MUST contact EPWU Customer Service at (915) 594-5577 with your Confirmation Number and amount of payment. Additional service fees may apply with El Paso Water Utilities.

There is a service fee of $2.50 charged by BillMatrix for providing this payment service.

Your payment will be posted to your account within the next one (1) to three (3) business days.

An EPWU Return Fee of $25 will apply for all electronic returns.

Please have a copy of your El Paso Water Utilities bill available for this payment transaction.

Please enter the full account number and service address zip code as it appears on your El Paso Water Utilities bill.

El Paso Water Utilities Account Number       numbers only
Service Address Zip Code       5-digit

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